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What my clients are saying.....

"Carlie has been fantastic from our first session - always listening to my issues and problems, without judging me. She also always challenges me to overcome my anxieties, which has given me much more confidence in everyday life. I would recommend Carlie to anybody who is struggling with anxiety issues or OCD related problems. Thank you!"

" I feel very pleased I took the step to seek help. I feel much happier in myself and my life, it helped me look at things differently,"

"I feel that my counsellor understands everything I say, never judges me and is very calm and allows me to talk and I trust that it will go no further than between us. I realize that sometimes I avoid exposure tasks and need to commit more in order to beat this. I would recommend my counsellor to anyone that needs help . I always feel better after our sessions and feel like a weight has been lifted after talking things through."

"Carlie has been brilliant. This is my last session today and I feel like I've come out a stronger, happier and more relaxed person. I have recommended Carlie to friends already. A lovely warm lady!"

"Me and also my family have noticed the positive change in me since I have been counselling which physically shows the results. I feel better in myself and don't think it could have gone better."

Talking to Carlie has been life changing. I feel I can cope better with the trauma I suffered as a child. I respect her 100%. Thank you so much.

"I feel safe with you, I feel I can trust you."

I feel Carlie has been a great help to our daughter, she's happy to see her and we have noticed a marked improvement with her behaviour, she tends to stop and think things through more than she did before and we are able to reason with her better from a parents point of view Carlie always offers sound advice when i raise concerns with her and shes always willing to take a phone call and listen when i have concerns..

"My time with Carlie has been brilliant. She has helped me through difficult times, always listening with compassion and never judging. The sessions have helped improve my confidence, self esteem and ability to deal with negative situations. I now make the right decisions for me. Thank you."

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